I will be updating this page soon with a show-reel and some actual music to listen to. In the mean time here are some recent composer credits with links to various projects:





Track Titles



Rob Kelly

Andy Schonfelder & Alastair Dicks

Light & Time Ltd


Nature Documentary - Folk / Acoustic

Folk music inspired score written for a small ensemble of guitar, mandolin, clarinet, bass clarinet, 'cello, Bütone percussion and electric bass, with additional textures made using an analogue synth. Clarinet and bass clarinet performed by Rebecca Millward. The film is about the wildlife on the island of Hilbre, situated at the mouth of the Dee Estuary. Directed and produced by Andy Shonfelder and Alistair Dicks, shot using a combination of Red Epic Digital Cinema camera 4K and time-lapse footage  - available in 4K on Vimeo

Balkan & Gypsy   (working title)

Rob Kelly &

Emily Lim


Audio Network


Balkan Brass & Gypsy

I wrote 5 tracks & co-wrote another 4 with Emily Lim for this double album of Balkan and Gypsy music inspired tunes. Recorded at Strongroom and The Bunker, mixed at Strongroom.

Chislehurst Caves (working title)

Rob Kelly, Tom Briers


Audio Network


Horror / Drama / Film Score

A double album of drama / horror cues, drones and beds recorded in Chislehurst caves. We recorded drums, percussion, brass trio, soprano and many other weird and wonderful instruments with musicians including Paul Clarvis (percussion), Grace Davidson (Soprano), and low brass trio. 'Ominous Brass' composed by Tom Briers.

Seymour Milton & Rob Kelly


KPM / EMI Production Music

The Hourglass

Documentary / Drama

Co-write with Seymour Milton on which I play 'cello, fretless bass and percussion.

Rob Kelly, Ruth Barrett, Bella Saer, Nigel Crouch


KPM / EMI Production Music

Polestar Marimbas, Dangerous Compound, Additive Heaven, Happy Symmetry, Summertime Cowboy

Minimalism / Film Score

I wrote Polestar Marimbas , Dangerous Compoud and Additive Heaven and co-wrote the other two with Ruth Barrett, Bella Saer, and Nigel Crouch for this album of minimalism inspired film & tv scores for tuned percussion, featuring Simone Rebello on marimbas, vibes and xylophone and Ruth Barrett on piano and celeste.

Rob Kelly


KPM / EMI Production Music

Ear Blood,

Meth Racer


Two high energy, electronic tunes I wrote for Adrenaline, the first release from Strongroom Productions on the Music House Label for EMI Production Music.

Rob Kelly, Dan Waters, Ruth Barrett, Ruskin Williamson


KPM / EMI Production Music

I co-wrote' The Valiant Ones' with Dan Waters  (used on a Horizon documentary presented by Sir David Attenborough), and co-wrote 'Sun City' with Ruth and Ruskin for this Strongroom Productions / KPM release on EMI Production Music.

The Valiant Ones, Sun City

Rock and Pop


DJ Yoda, Mark Ross, Isabella Fletcher, Rob Kelly


DJ Yoda / Get Involved


Electronica, sort of.

I co-wrote this decidedly silly track for DJ Yoda's 2012 album Chop Suey. A collaboration with The Trans-Siberian March Band,  'Happy Hardcore' meets Balkan Brass. I also directed and produced a video for the track, which is possibly even more silly.

Guy Bus, Seymour Milton, Rob Kelly,  Ben Dixon, Dan Waters, Chris Hardman.


KPM / EMI Production Music

Night Fox, The Stick Up, Manila Skies, Colin’s Unusual Tuesday, and Midnight Boogie

Funk and Disco

 I co-wrote 5 tracks and played bass for this compilation of 70s funk and disco for Strongroom Productions Ltd / KPM  /  EMI Production Music.

Rob Kelly, Ben Holland, Chris Hardman, Richard Lewis, Jes Sadler, Sam Wansborough, Michael York


The Jellyheads

All Album Tracks

Ambient / Prog Rock

An album of  ambient, 'prog' and dub from The Jellyheads, a slightly silly and 'experimental' band for whom I play the bass. Written and recorded at various points over about 15 years starting from when we met on the Tonmeister course at the University of Surrey in 1993. I play bass guitar, 'cello, marimbas, hand percussion and analogue synths.

Rob Kelly

Liam Brazier and Karen Penman

Little Nobody


Animated Short

I wrote the music and did the sound design for this beautiful animated short by Little Nobody.

Rob Kelly

Gary Askham

Gary Askham


Short Film - Horror

I wrote several cues for this short film made for the OTT Halloween competition 2009 using just my 'cello , and processing the recordings through Native Instruments Absynth software.

Rob Kelly

Dexter Fletcher

Pindrop Post



I wrote one incidental piece for this British feature directed by Dexter Fletcher.

Rob Kelly

Menhaj Huda

Rod Berling / Pindrop Post


Feature - Thriller

I wrote three additional cues for the score of Comedown, a British horror / thriller.

Rob Kelly


Juice Music / EMI Production Music

Serengeti Sunrise

TV Bed

Simple bed featuring mbira and African percussion.

Rob Kelly

Rob Kelly



Short Film - Comedy Horror

I directed, produced, edited and wrote the music for this highly questionable  'zombie cookery' short film. It received a 10/10 review on ZMDB - the Zombie Movie Database. I flatly deny having anything else to do with it.

Concrete Building Blocks

Rob Kelly




Music Concrete / Experimental

In my final year of the Tonmeister Course at the University of Surrey (1997) I won second prize in the Joyce Dixie composition competition for this piece which was composed from scratch during the course of the concert in which it was first performed. I did this by live sampling and processing audio from all other pieces as they were also being performed for the first time during the course of the same concert. I ran tie-lines from the classical studio in which the concert was held to a second studio where I did the sampling, processing and arrangement using an Akai S3000 XL sampler and Atari running Cubase sequencing software.

African Lion and Environmental Research Trust - Documentary

Rob Kelly

Andy Evans

A.L.E.R.T / Andy Evans


I composed several cues for this documentary and DVD produced by Andy Evans.