Rob is a composer, music producer and mix engineer.


He owns and runs a small but perfectly formed studio based within the Strongroom Studios complex in East London.


Rob's compositions have been broadcast on numerous TV shows including Horizon (presented by Sir David Attenborough) Coronation Street, Islands of Britain, The Apprentice, NBC News, Champions League Football, Come Dine with Me, Country File and Russell Howard’s Good News. He has written additional music for the scores of British features Wild Bill and Comedown and composed the scores for several short films and animations. He is currently composing and producing three album projects for leading production music house Audio Network.


Rob specialises in writing contemporary, minimalist and electronic music and as a bass player and percussionist enjoys writing material with a strong rhythmic component.

Rob enjoys collaborating with other writers and has co-written material with artists and composers including Ruth Barrett, DJ Yoda, Peter Mayne, Guy Buss, Seymour Milton, Bella Saer and Emily Lim. A multi-instrumentalist with strong production and programming skills he has been programming MIDI for 24 years and using Pro Tools for 21 which he finds quite worrying.


A graduate of the Tonmeister course in Music and Sound Recording from the University of Surrey (where he received a prize for composition in his final year), Rob is a highly experienced recording and mix engineer. He has recorded, mixed and produced a very wide range of projects for numerous artists and many of Europe's leading film and TV composers.


He can often be found engineering sessions at Strongroom and Air Lyndhurst Studios (for whom he worked in several capacities from 2002 to 2011) and works regularly as a recording and mix engineer for Audio Network, mixing much of their orchestral and film-score output recorded at Abbey Road Studios.




Recent recording and mixing work for Film and TV composers includes projects for John Altman,

Philip Sheppard, James Seymour Brett, Ruth Barrett,

Terry Devine-King, Patrick Hawes, Lorne Balfe,

Helen Jane Long, Ben Parry, Alexander L’Estrange,

Paul Mottram, David Tobin, Jeff Meagan, Julian Gallant, Rael Jones, Pete Lockett, Peter Mayne, Nigel Crouch, Joji Hirota, Bella Saer and Daryl Runswick.


Recent work for artists includes projects for Tim Garland, John 00 Flemming, Modeselektor & Pfadfinderei, Suntrap, Michael J York, Anda Union, Archivist and Right Said Fred.



Recording chamber orchestra in Lyndhurst Hall, AIR Studios for Audio Network

Rob also works as a mix engineer for audio-visual DJ and master turntablist DJ Yoda for whom he has mixed singles, album tracks and remixes featuring Boy George, Man Like Me, Michael Winslow, The Trans-Siberian March Band and DJ Doorly. He is currently mixing material for DJ Yoda's new "Breakfast of Champions" project featuring Shlomo, Rex Domino and Truthos Mufasa and Sparkx from Manchester's Mouse Outfit.


Rob has provided technical consultancy to several artists including Underworld on their ground-breaking "Everything Everything"  live DVD, mixed in 5.1 at Strongroom.

Recording choir in Lyndhurst hall for EMI / Strongroom Productions Cinematic Voices

With AIR Studios chairman Richard Boote and composer Ruth Barrett, Rob is a co-owner & director of Strongroom Productions Ltd, a music production company they established in 2005 in partnership with KPM / EMI Production Music and AIR and Strongroom Studios to create a catalogue of high-quality production music using the world class studio facilities available at the studios.

Rob has composed numerous pieces for Strongroom Productions across it's catalogue and produced / co-produced, recorded and mixed most of its output.


Highly experienced in working in surround sound formats and in writing and mixing to picture, Rob has recorded, mixed and mastered sound for numerous AV installations, commercials, DVDs and short films.


These include 5.1 mixing and mastering for Labland, a "visual music" collaboration between Berlin’s electronic music pioneers Modeselektor and acclaimed graphics house Pfadfinderei and 5.1 mixes for The Five Elements. This was a three screen installation for the Design in the Year Zero exhibition, featuring 5 international artists, now permanently exhibited at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.


Most recently Rob did the sound-design, foley and mix for “Maze” a 9 channel, duel screen installation by artist Stuart Pearson-Wright, featuring himself and Keira Knightly, that premiered in London in 2010 and has since exhibited around the world.

Simone Rebello playing  "Polestar Marimbas"  for EMI / Strongroom Productions  Cinematic Minimalism

Modeselektor and Pfadfinderie

Premiere of 'Maze' by Stuart Pearson Wright, a 9 channel 2 screen install feat. himself and Keira Knightly

Rob’s studio at Strongroom is equipped with a comprehensive collection of virtual synths, samplers,  sound fx libraries, several hundred state of the art plug-ins and actual real instruments with knobs on.


This enables him to quickly create music with high production values in a wide range of styles.

Recording 'Suprise' for Archivist

Recording our compositions for EMI / Strongroom Productions  'Cinematic Minimalism ' with Ruth Barrett

An experienced, score-reading music editor, Rob has created thousands of cut-down edits for production music tracks and  worked as a music editor for 3 episodes of US TV drama series “The Bible” scored by Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe.


He edited the theme for Panorama for David Lowe & Bella Saer and has made radio edits of numerous singles.

A multi-instrumentalist, Rob has played on studio recordings for artists including M.I.A, Portishead, DJ Yoda and Igor Grigorev (at Abbey Road for producer Haydn Bendall) and played percussion on two albums for The Trans-Siberian March Band, the second of which he is producing and recorded at Air Studios with engineer Fiona Cruickshank.

He has played on several TV and film soundtracks including Ruth Barrett's scores for BBC drama series Hunted and Remember Me and her cues for feature film Harry Brown


Rob plays 'cello, electric bass, hand percussion, keyboards, guitars, drum-kit and double bass with varying levels of success and is failing to learn the trumpet.

Producing Trans-Siberian March Band's second album in AIR Studio 1

He co-designed and developed the Bütone ‘tank drum’ tuned percussion instrument with his friend James Bergersen and continues to work with James in developing and testing new models. Rob owns a range of Bütone drums and has played them on several TV scores and in a variety of caves.

Bütone drum 13 note range

Before joining Strongroom in 2002 Rob worked for Avid Technology (then Digidesign) as the UK's senior Pro Tools product specialist. He was a member of the Pro Tools beta test programme for 10 years and has contributed to the design of several features in Pro Tools software. After leaving Avid he continued to work for them as a freelance journalist, writing columns and product reviews for their "Digizine" publication.

Rob played percussion for Balkan Brass ensemble The Trans-Siberian March Band from 2008-2014 and continues to play with the band as a regular dep. Rob has performed with The TSMB at numerous venues and festivals around the UK including Glastonbury (2009 & 2013) and Womad Festival and toured with them in Bosnia, Georgia, Hungary, Austria and Montenegro.


In 2011 he established and (working with band leader Isabella Fletcher) co-produced a reasonably silly but also successful collaboration between the band and DJ Yoda which fuses Balkan and Gypsy music with Hip-Hop, live visuals and a 14 piece brass band.


The collaboration performed at venues including the Camden Roundhouse, Kentish Town Forum and The Royal Albert Hall and  toured the UK’s festival circuit for the last four summers to critical acclaim.

DJ Yoda & Trans-Siberian March Band - Shambala Festival Main Stage 2012

But better than both was the Trans-Siberian March Band, a 13-piece Balkan brass ensemble of flamboyantly dressed Londoners, who played a hugely entertaining collaborative show with the hip-hop turntable virtuoso DJ Yoda. Lively and witty, they proved to be perfect festival crowd-pleasers.” – The Times, WOMAD 2012 review.


Rob started his career as an assistant / house engineer for UK residential complex Jacobs Studios.


He assisted on sessions with artists including Portishead, Tori Amos, Brian Transeau (BT), The Cure, Jhelisa Anderson, Alec Empire and Kula Shaker and with producers Jim Abbiss, Paul Corckett, Ken Thomas and Phil Vinall.


He feels lucky to have caught the tale end of working on sessions with bands making albums over weeks or months using big desks and analogue tape.

Jacobs Studios

He then went to work as a technical support engineer for Digidesign (now Avid Audio) and became their UK Senior Pro Tools Product Specialist for music and post production, so assisting in the sad demise of many studios with big desks and analogue tape.


Rob joined East London’s Strongroom Studios in 2002 as Business Development Manager and in 2005 formed Strongroom Productions Ltd, a music production company in partnership with EMI Production Music.


In 2006 Strongroom merged with Sir George Martin’s AIR Studios and Rob was appointed Director of Business Development for the AIR Studios group. He worked as Managing Director of Air Post Production and oversaw the divisions expansion into video post and then further expansion into a full-service audio and video post production facility in a purpose built new premises in Old Street.


He left AIR Studios in 2011 and set up his own business, Arco Media Ltd, through which he works as a freelance composer and sound engineer.