Rob Kelly is a composer, music producer and multi-instrumentalist based in London.


Published by Audio Network and EMI Production Music, Rob is a creatively and technically versatile composer, comfortable writing and producing music in a wide range of styles. His music is broadcast daily on TV shows throughout the world.  A full biography is available here.


A former director of AIR Lyndhurst and Strongroom Studios, he is also an extensively experienced recording and mix engineer who has worked with several of Europe and America's leading film and TV composers and with well known artists and bands across numerous genres. Engineering and production credits are available here.


June 2018  - Synaptic Counterpoint for the Motor Neurone Disease Association


Released 21.6.18 for Motor Neurone Disease awareness day, Synaptic Counterpoint is a new composition for saxophone quintet and tuned percussion. 100% of proceeds from the sale, streaming and broadcast of the music are being donated to the Motor Neurone Disease Association (registered charity no. 294354) to support their work into finding a cure for this fatal disease that currently kills 6 people a day in the UK.


Inspired by some images of her research, I wrote the piece for my friend Jenny Greig, a neuroscientist working on the disease at the Department of Basic and Clinical Neuroscience at King’s College London. The piece features Jenny on soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, Josie Simmons on baritone sax and me on percussion, recorded at Strongroom Studios, London.


The music can be purchased for download and unlimited streaming via this Bandcamp player, our Bandcamp Page (or smartphone app), for as little as £1.50 (plus VAT for EU residents) Through the ‘name your price’ feature you can also choose to donate as much as you wish to support the MNDA’s work, so if you are able to donate a little more, it all goes to support research into finding a cure for the disease. However, VAT will be added to all transactions if you live in the EU so you may also wish to consider donating through my Just Giving page, on which no VAT is due.


The cover art and imagery on the Bandcamp page was created from images of motor neurons created in the lab from patient stem cells, taken by Jenny as part of her research (© Jenny Greig, Kings College London 2018) with graphic design by James Bergersen. The piece also features two custom-built Bütone drums (a type of steel ‘tank drum’) designed by James and me, and built by James.


Research and imaging was performed at King's College London. It was funded by a Medical Research Council CASE studentship in partnership with Vertex Pharmaceuticals


The music can also be purchased through iTunes and streamed on Spotify, Apple Music and the other streaming platforms. If you’ve enjoyed listening to it on the streaming services (or if you’d just like to support the work of the MNDA) I’d be very grateful if you’d consider making a donation to support the MNDA through this Just Giving page.


Jenny and I hope you enjoy the music and would be very grateful of any donation you can make to support the work of the Motor Neurone Disease Association!

Feb 2018 - The Caves Sessions


The Caves Sessions are now available.  Three albums of new compositions for Audio Network recorded in the extraordinary acoustics of Chislehurst Caves with strings recorded at Abbey Road Studios. Available to licence from Audio Network, the project is also now streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.


The albums feature unusual instrumentation including waterphone, ancient brass, duduk, Theramin, Bütone tank drums, bag pipes, Tibetan horn and custom built software instruments I made from sampling instruments within the caves. Musicians include Grace Davidson (soprano),  Paul Clarvis (percussion) and Tim Garland (bass clarinet) and low brass trio of Tom Briers (Tuba), Katrina Lauder (French Horn) and Sarah Mann (Bass Trombone).


 A huge project that was years in the making, between the three albums there are over 650 mixes and stems available. Here’s a full write-up. The project was also featured in the April 2018 edition of Resolution Magazine.

Tuba player Tom Briers plays a Tibettan Mountain Horn in Chislehurst Caves